About HMEC

Who We Are

We are a society devoted to the hobby of Model Engineering in it’s widest sense.  It covers, in miniature form, aspects of mechanical and electrical devices from every period of history, and all things of a technical, scientific or experimental nature.
We have a membership of approximately sixty people drawn from an area within a 120 km. radius of Hamilton, Ontario. Club members, from students to retirees, have wide ranging backgrounds and interests which are reflected in the hobby.

What We Do

We build engines of all types from accurate scale replicas to creative freelance designs and varied configurations. Using steam, gasoline, propane, hot air or other forms of energy, these engines power scaled down railway locomotives, ships, automobiles, farm and industrial machinery, aircraft, or as stand-alone models.
Other favourites are tools, gadgets, and machine attachments. Static models, such as bridges and buildings, are also popular. Workmanship ranges from the ‘run and have fun’ variety to the highest museum quality.

The Meetings

The club meets on the third Sunday of every month from September to May at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology,  900 Woodward Ave.  1:00PM to 3:30PM EST.
We encourage members to participate by exhibiting their projects, both complete and in progress, with comments on methods, tools and materials.  Experience, expertise, and opinion are readily shared.
In the past we have had members discussing or showing:
– Steam engines of all kinds and  scales: locomotives, marine, traction and more
– Hot air engines; experimental, & to drive generators.
– Internal combustion, hit & miss engines and radial aircraft engines.
– boilers of all types
– Machine tool attachments, hand tools and gadgets, small tool sharpening.
– Artillery & siege engines, historic beam engines, water & windmills.
– Clocks, electric, wind up and gravity driven.
– Plating & painting methods.
– Aluminum casting & foundry patterns.

Visitors Are Welcome

The format is relaxed & informal – the coffee is always on! Drop in to any meeting to discover this challenging, rewarding & friendly hobby.